Enthusiastic Users.

“This tool is easy and simple to use. It is perfect for identifying basic gun fit needs.”

Hunter Morton of Tennessee

Tennessee singles sub junior champion, Indiana state singles sub junior champion, Kentucky state preliminary handicap sub-jr champion, Kentucky state preliminary doubles sub junior champion, Iowa state singles sub junior champion, Iowa State high all around sub junior champion, Florida state singles sub junior champion, Florida State preliminary handicap sub Junior champion, Georgia state handicap sub junior champion, Mississippi State handicap championship champion, Mississippi State singles sub junior champion, Alabama singles sub junior champion, Alabama state doubles championship sub Junior champion Alabama state high overall and high all-around sub junior champion.

Although nothing takes the place of a professional fitting session, the Shot Fit is a fantastic tool for a new shooter or a team coach. The Shot Fit quickly verifies eye alignment and reveals alignment/dominance issues. Shot Fit also serves as a great gunmount practice tool after alignment is achieved. Great products from great people always work best. I have one in my coaching bag right now.

Todd Nelson

Country Gentleman Gunfitting Shop